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Thank you for all for your dedication and time The Black community wherever they in the diaspora have a responsibility here Love from the UK

Ejuesti Bubu

Will only support Black Owned starting today

Traci Thompson


Squitta Brown

I love my people.

Victor Soders

I happy to support us anytime. Thank you for creating this site. I look forward to see how this site takes off!!!!

Colon Sims

We need this platform, along with BJTV

Sudan Maat

thanks i need this site! from a born in Newark's city hospital (many years ago) old head 🙂 I will keep giving when i can

Michael Barskile

Am very excited to come across the black social media just like Facebook. Enough of patronizing the other race’s businesses and it’s time we start doing business with ourselves hence, empowering our own community.

Ayotunde Adebayo

Peace & Blessings...Keep Striving...


Thanks a zillion for this fantastic platform. I look for to increasing my amount. You are opening the doors to millions of Blacks. Know that only those that are doing great works for the betterment of Blacks will receive great opposition, let this encourage and empower you! You have all the support from the creator, ancestors and Black people to overcome all the shit yhrown at you. Sleep in peace, wake in power and know that you have been appointed for this time to do this job. You are blessed. Love, peace, health and wealth to you and all that love and support you.


Thank you!

Tangela Hayes

I've got you.

T Stafford

I'm pleased to be a member of this site and plan to donate next month as well.

Tabitha Williams

Get someone to fundraise for you. We need you.

Brenda Johnson

Working on donating more and getting more Afrikan Americans to donate.

Elaine Zangazanga

Praying for this platform.

Sharon Hoover Villar

Thank you Black Junction TV

Erika Parke

I’ll spread the word.

April Gossett

keep banging look into contracting with a security specialist to protect the site,

Mark Swagerty

God Bless! Continue doing what you're doing, I understand the struggle but I know in my heart that this website will be just as big if not BIGGER than YouTube. Stay Blessed and Stay Black brotha!!

Best thing ever next Freedom Linked In

Diana Brown

I love this site and I hope it continues to grow.

Terry Banks

I love what you are doing here.

Kerry Hall

I want to see white owned social media networks crumble. Tired of being banned not coddling white trolls and helping spread news about black businesses or info that may improve the quality of life for my people. So, Yusef, this is me saying I believe in you.

Pseudo Kid Faelyhn

I am so happy I found you!!!

Jerri Cherry

I’m very excited about this site!!...Blessings

Vanessa Battle

Reclaiming Our Time ...

Lindsay Webb

Happy and excited to see this grow

Eric Phillips


Janel Hawthorne

I wish you well

Anita DuBose

Great job

Kendrick Tilghman

Greetings. I am the founder of a small nonprofit agency in SF Bay Area. If you plan to seek grants to build and need a fiscal agent let me know. Also, if you are not in contact/following Dawn Dickson, I urge you to do so.

Saundra Davis

Don't give up! We need this.

Tameshia Holleman


Keesha Karriem

Will become a more regular supporter as my income rises. Glad to have found this site, through Jashua Sa-Ra

Bessie Mathis

Thank you for building this site, we really needed a platform to let our voices be heard by post unfairness and injustices that has risen lately in this country. Thank you!

Henrietta Hughes

I happy to support us anytime. That you for creating this site. I look forward to see how this site takes off!!!!

Colon Sims

We need this platform, along with BJTV

Sudan Maat

Are you guys on the stock trade yet

Shawana Mitchell