Public Timeline posting rules and guidelines

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Unlike most other social networking sites, Black Junction has a Public Timeline that is available to all members. Because the Public Timeline is open to everyone, it is important that we all respect each others’ views, ideals, and opinions. Please find a list of things we do not allow to be posted on the Public Timeline below. If you have a post that fits within the description of any of the ones listed below, please be sure to post it on your wall only and not on the Public Timeline. If you are not sure how to select where your posts will show, please read this help center article – How do I change who can see my posts?

  • Nudity
  • Fight Videos
  • Excessively Violent/Graphic Images or Videos
  • Any type of spam postings (posting the same or very similar content multiple times)
  • Url’s with no description or image
  • Advertisements
    • We do not allow advertisements on the Public Timeline. You can advertise and promote your business on your personal timeline, Page or Group as much as you like, however the Public Timeline is for us to connect as a community. This is a feature that most social networking sites does not have. We would like to keep it available, so that Black Junction can be a place where we can come together, network, learn, and exchange ideas as a community. We can’t do this if the Public Timeline is flooded with advertisements.
  • Posting without a profile image
    • We are building a community on Black Junction. Please upload a profile image if you would like to post on the Public Timeline, so people know who you are. Your profile image doesn’t have to be an image of your face but we do not allow members to post on the public timeline if they have no profile image. If you don’t know how to add a profile image, please read this help article – How do I add my profile image?

Please be aware that any posts on the Public Timeline that violate these guidelines may be deleted without notice.

If you see a post on the Public Timeline that you find offensive in any way, please report it by clicking the upside down triangle in the top right corner of the post and select Report Post

IMPORTANT: These restrictions only apply to the Public Timeline, not to your personal wall or timeline. You can post whatever you like on your personal timeline, page*, or group.

*Tagging people in a Page post that have not liked your page is prohibited and will cause your Page post to be removed.

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