Registering with Android App: This issue will be fixed with the new update we will be releasing this month (September 2019). A temporary work around is to register your account on the mobile site and then you will be able to log in as normal on the Android App. You can register on the mobile app by going to on your mobile phones web browser or register on the site from any computer. The issue is only showing when trying to register directly through the Android app. Please contact us here if you need additional help or have questions.  –  In Progress

Log In Issues: Some users unable to log into accounts on – Fixed (11/05/18)

Comments not working: Users view or post comments on – Fixed (11/05/18)

Videos/Images Missing on some accounts: This is beign caused by a hard drive disk failure that occuredon our server. Most of the data has been restored, however we are still in the process of trying to repair disk sectors and possible restore the remaining data. Please contact us here if you need additional help or have questions.  – In Progress

Password Reset System: Users not receiving email when trying to reset their accounts password.   – Fixed (09/18/19)

Video Upload: Users unable to upload videos. – Fixed (09/03/19)

Block System: Block system not working site wide. This is an issue that started with the most recent update. We are in the process of fixing this issue. – In Progress

Video Upload: Timeout error occurs when some videos are uploaded. Progress bar will stay at 1% and you may get a white screen after experiencing this error. This only seems to be affecting certain video files. If you get a white screen, you will need to restart your web browser to use the site again.  – Fixed (08/05/19)

Messaging System Notification: System not displaying notification when you receive a new private message. – Fixed (09/05/18)

Video Upload: Media error: Format(s) not supported or source(s) not found occurring when some video are uploaded. – Fixed (08/24/18)

Monthly Pro-Member: Monthly Pro-Member sign up button not working. – Fixed (07/27/18)

Notification System: Notification icon was not reseting after notifications where viewed. – Fixed (07/26/18)

Show More Button: Show more videos button on channel page not showing more videos when clicked. – Fixed (07/20/18)

Log In Screen: After logging into site you are forwarded to a white screen instead of home page. – Fixed (07/20/18)

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