Log In Issues: Some users unable to log into accounts on – Fixed (11/05/18)

Comments not working: Users view or post comments on – Fixed (11/05/18)

Block System: Block system not working site wide. This is an issue that started with the most recent update. We are in the process of fixing this issue. – In Progress

Video Upload: Timeout error occurs when some videos are uploaded. Progress bar will stay at 1% and you may get a white screen after experiencing this error. This only seems to be affecting certain video files. If you get a white screen, you will need to restart your web browser to use the site again.  Fixed (08/05/19)

Messaging System Notification: System not displaying notification when you receive a new private message. Fixed (09/05/18)

Video Upload: Media error: Format(s) not supported or source(s) not found occurring when some video are uploaded. – Fixed (08/24/18)

Monthly Pro-Member: Monthly Pro-Member sign up button not working. – Fixed (07/27/18)

Notification System: Notification icon was not reseting after notifications where viewed. – Fixed (07/26/18)

Show More Button: Show more videos button on channel page not showing more videos when clicked. – Fixed (07/20/18)

Log In Screen: After logging into site you are forwarded to a white screen instead of home page. – Fixed (07/20/18)

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